Property Management

Sarder Realty Provides Property Maintenance Services
Whether you have a condominium, cooperative (co-op), townhouse, home owner association (HOA), individual residence or commercial property, Sarder Realty cares for all aspects of your property. This includes: on site inspections, cleaning, setting remote timers, general improvements, camera/system monitoring, snow removal and much more. Sarder Realty customizes a plan for your property based on your individual properties needs.

Have you been frustrated by property management companies that are unresponsive to your needs and unwilling to disclose financial information?

It‘s time to experience the “Denali difference”. Work with Sarder Realty and regain control over the value of your property. Contact us today.

What Can You Expect From Sarder Realty Management?
Cost Savings :
We are always looking for ways to cut costs for your homeowners‘ association while maintaining quality. We‘ll help you save on energy bills by programming timers on lights and sprinklers, and we provide you with multiple estimates to help you find the best value for property repairs. We review your current contracts to identify opportunities for more affordable, effective services.

Transparency :
You should never have to wonder about where your money is going. We utilize the latest technologies to provide you real time access through our website to view statements and help you keep track of all activities in your association.

24/7 Availability :
Our local community association management team is there for you round-the-clock, ready to spring into action in an emergency. Sarder Realty maintains a full team of localized professionals in your community, available to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice.

Take advantage of our optional online services to view electronic statements, submit online work order requests, make secure association payments, download reports and forms, maintain event calendars, and search through member directories and even vote for board members at any time, from any internet location!

Customized Property Management Services!

Sarder Realty has decades of experience providing complete property management services based on the individual needs of each property. You can depend on our team to :

Conduct regular scheduled site inspections
Provide representation at Board meetings
Coordinate Annual Board meetings
Address violations of Association Rules and Procedures
Review and manage Association insurance needs
Collect maintenance fees
Arrange for legal assistance
Provide complete bookkeeping of property finances
      - Preparation of budgets
      - Financial Statements
      - Delinquencies
      - Payment of monthly building expenses
      - Maintaince of all financial accounts in the name of the association
Manage Vendors
      - Negotiation for services such as: building cleaning, refuse removal, landscaping, snow removal, and utilities
      - Supervision of all on-site contractors
      - Management of all construction projects for both the property and individual units including: additions and upgrades